Wally's Page Of All Sorts of Stuff

First of all, Some places I think you should visit....

CAUBE.AU caubutt2.gif    Fight Spam, a blight on the internet.

James Gleick  (Probably one of the world's best commentators)

Rick Lazzarini's Character Shop.  (One of the best animatronics and makeup artists in the world)

Peter Brown's Pebble Watch Page  A mate who also exposes William Kamm for what he is. This site now includes an up to date account of the court case.

Now here are some links to things that I maintain:

William Kamm, A.K.A. "The Little Pebble" Leader of Australia's biggest "doomsday" cult - read all about this kook!
(The Pebble pages were awarded and featured by THE GASMETER FILES)award.JPG Thanks Guys!

Astronomy and Astrophotography. My pages on astronomy.

Rebuttal Resources. A list page of resources for rebuttals against UFO nuts, Pyramidiots, and other kookiness you will find on the web.

Comet Crazy. (check out what lies the nutcases tell you about comets)

Millennium Chicken (see what the doomsday nuts have said, and how they have failed)

How to cook an Alien   (Various methods for catching and cooking aliens)

Daniel J Min, one of Usenet's most failed prophets  (A kook)


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